Ron Greene- Contributor

Ron is a lifelong baseball fan and that life is getting pretty long. He serves as a contributor and editor on Baseball Daily Digest. Ron has written about baseball for over 35 years on various print and web properties, including ESPN and Yahoo Sports.

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Vince Mercandetti – Contributor

Vince was born in NY, grew up in NJ and now resides in the Orlando, FL area.

He comes from a family of life-long Yankees’ fans dating back to when his grandparents went on dates to watch Joe Dimaggio play in the 1940’s.

A Quinnipiac University graduate, Vince majored in Broadcast Journalism and has been published in multiple online publications ranging from his passion for the Yankees to finance.

He has also worked for ESPN, ESPN Radio (in West Palm Beach) and WTNH (An ABC affiliate in New Haven, CT).

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Kathy Lenkie – Contributor

Kathy has been a business correspondent for fifteen years. She lives in Tampa, Florida but travels often to visit family in the United Kingdom. She loves being able to work remotely, and often finds a quiet coffee shop to work in wherever she goes.

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Carl Hest – Contributor

Carl works as an adjunct business professor by day and a freelance business writer by night. In his free time he enjoys participating in half marathons and triathlons, but he has sworn of full marathons.

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Clifford Jones – Contributor

Clifford is a well-known professional writer with over 15 years’ experience in finance issues. He maintains a finance website where readers can get valuable information about the stock market and helpful predictions. He has mentored many writers hoping to make a career out of writing.

He studied finance in the University of Leading and graduated with honors. His wife is also a finance specialist and is also a professional writer.

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Philip Parker – Contributor

Philip is a co-founder of Parker and Sons Co. Limited together with his wife Mariliza Parker which is an accounting firm based in New Yolk. He has participated in audit of renowned companies including Samsung and Cussons.

He is also runs a Foreign Exchange and Advisory company based in Washington DC. Philip has traded in the New York Stock Exchange for more than 20 years and offers stock market commentary through his blog which he updates weekly.

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