Solar car startup Sono to build in Sweden, Beginning in 2020

Munich-based startup Sono Motors plans to create the very first mass produced solar electric vehicle in Sweden, beginning next year.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden and sono Motors announced they have signed a contract to manufacture the Sion that was self-charging at a Saab plant in Trollhattan.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden, or NEVS, is now utilizing the site to manufacture components for vehicles and obtained Saab at 2012.

Sono stated it needs to fabricate 260,000 cars in Trollhattan.

The Sion is covered with solar panels that could offer enough electricity every day to drive up to 34 kilometers (21 miles), using a maximum range on a full battery of about 255 kilometers.

Sono says it’s taken 9,800 orders and the car will sell for 25,500 euros ($28,828).