American Airlines flight tipped by wind is investigated by NTSB

Federal safety officials are investigating an American Airlines flight where a runway marker was clipped by the plane tipped in a wingtip and a strong wind during takeoff week from New York’s Kennedy Airport.

The pilots cut to Los Angeles and landed back at JFK about 30 minutes later. No injuries were reported.

The National Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday it is exploring the April 10 incident with assistance from American, the Federal Aviation Administration, along with the marriage for the airline pilots.

The safety board said a team of six would inquire into the incident, such as experts in aircraft recorders, flight operations and functionality. The committee said it did not aim to send researchers if needed but that may change.

On a record by, among those pilots on American Airlines Flight 300 is heard telling air traffic controls that the plane banked sharply — 45 degrees — to the left through takeoff, seemingly out of a strong crosswind.

Workers discovered damage to the left wing, in accordance with an FAA spokeswoman after the plane landed.

Pilots usually prefer to take off to the end, however there are techniques used to correct wing surfaces according to an FAA handbook.