NYC jury begins deliberations at School hoops bribery trial

A jury started deliberating on Monday at the trial of a business manager and the other suspect accused of secretly bribing assistant college basketball coaches.

Final arguments were followed by the deliberations in federal court in Manhattan by lawyers for youth basketball trainer Merl Code and Christian Dawkins, who deny conspiring to pay off trainers from programs to get help landing players. Last week, the jury had learned that the closings of the government.

Jurors ended without reaching a verdict.

The defense has argued that the men were led astray with an informant and undercover agents working for the FBI who posed as investors in Dawkins’ management company. Dawkins testified that he pushed back on the investors’ interest telling the jury it made no sense since the coaches had influence about player decisions about who to hire as business managers and brokers.

Prosecutors say that the guys were caught red-handed paying trainers tens of thousands of dollars. They point to evidence that included images of Dawkins handing the coaches envelopes stuffed with money meetings in Las Vegas in 2017.