The Newest: the May of UK

The Newest on Britain’s Departure from the European Union (all times local):

6:10 p.m.

British Prime Minister Theresa May says Britain will seek an additional delay to Brexit in hopes of winning Parliament’s acceptance of a bargain on the conditions of its own withdrawal in the European Union.

May said that she will try to possess talks to attempt to break the Brexit logjam.    

The chief announcement comes that the nation will leave the EU . That’s the deadline that the EU’s 27 staying states gave the U.K. for departing the bloc or making up a new strategy.

Lawmakers from the House of Commons have voted three times to refuse.


5:40 p.m.

British police say they are exploring two efforts to sabotage railway lines that they believe are connected to Brexit.

The British Transport Police force states two”malicious obstacles” hit sections of railroad line in central and eastern England on March 21 and 27. In both scenarios, devices were connected to the tracks that were meant to disrupt services — they failed.

There have been no arrests.

Police said Tuesday they think the sabotage”relates to Britain’s departure from the European Union.”

The force did not state this link had been made by it. The Daily Mirror newspaper reported that a note attached to a single device stated”leave means leave” and pledged to”bring this country to its knees when we do not leave.”


5 p.m.

French President Emmanuel Macron has encouraged Britain to propose an alternative Brexit plan in case the country wants to prevent a no-deal death from the European within 10 days, along with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar claims the EU needs to be open to U.K. suggestions.

Macron stated before a meeting of both leaders in Paris who”people cannot devote the coming months on solving conditions for the divorce.”

Leave the bloc or the EU has given Britain to think of a Brexit strategy.


3:15 p.m.

Ford’s European leader claims that in the event the United Kingdom can not work a deal about how to leave the European Union while claiming”frictionless exchange” then the company”will have to contemplate seriously the long-term future of our investments in the nation.”

Ford of Europe Chairman Steven Armstrong spoke in the Netherlands Tuesday at a Ford occasion, the day after lawmakers voted down a series of choices to the Brexit deal of Prime Minister Theresa May with the EU.

Armstrong told The Associated Press that”a no-deal Brexit are a disaster for the automotive industry from the U.K. and inside that, obviously, I count Ford Motor Company.”


1:40 p.m.

A set of British lawmakers is likely to attempt to pass a law to make sure the country does not crash from the European Union.

Abandon the bloc or the EU has given Britain before April 12 to think of a Brexit strategy. U.K. lawmakers have rejected the government’s withdrawal arrangement and a selection of choices.

That leaves the nation facing a disruptive Brexit in 10 days.

Parliament has been set to think about this week legislation which would require Prime Minister Theresa May to try and extend the Brexit process beyond April 12, preventing a departure.

Labour legislator Yvette Cooper, among the bill’s sponsors,” says”we are presently in a very dangerous situation with a severe and increasing threat of no-deal in 10 days’ time.”

She says that”if the government won’t act urgently,” then Parliament should step in.


9:35 a.m.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is place for a marathon session with her Cabinet because the government attempts to discover a means from this Brexit catastrophe, after all choices were rejected by lawmakers to her European Union withdrawal arrangement.

The Cabinet is scheduled to meet five hours Tuesday amid forecasts for compromise to avoid a potentially catastrophic leave in just 10 days.

The government has been pushing for a vote on May’s bargain, with Education Secretary Damian Hinds saying the arrangement already represents a compromise between all sides at the Brexit discussion.

Hinds informs the BBC that the deal”is a fantastic balance, and that I expect colleagues can get it behind.”

Parliament on Monday refused four choices, with suggestions for a customs union.


8:40 a.m.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier claims that Britain’s departure from the European Union with no deal”becomes day after day prone” following the U.K. parliament again rejected alternatives to the government’s unpopular divorce deal.

Regardless of the downbeat assessment, Barnier did state that”we can still hope to avoid it” through intensive work in London before an April 10 summit. A Brexit that is no-deal could come after that.

Despite the difficulties of a disorderly departure,”the EU is going to be able to manage,” Barnier said, although he warned that”not everything will be smooth.”

Travel and trade could impact with new regulations on dealings between Britain and the 27 EU countries and checks on borders.