The Latest: Spokesman says the ex-chair of Nissan Ghosn Detained

10 a.m.

The former Chairman Carlos Ghosn of nissan says by Tokyo prosecutors investigating him for alleged financial 23, he’s been detained a period.

The prosecutors said that they could issue a statement but declined immediate comment. TV footage revealed officials entering Ghosn’s flat at Tokyo on Thursday morning, and going into the prosecutors’ office.

Ghosn also had strong words regarding his detention in a statement and declared his innocence. The spokesman wouldn’t be identified due to the significance of the issue.

It said:”My arrest this morning is outrageous and random. It’s a component of another attempt by some people at Nissan to silence me. Why arrest me try to break me? I won’t be broken. I’m innocent of those groundless charges and accusations .”

Ghosn was first arrested every one prolonging his detention, in December in November and twice.


7:20 a.m.

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn has been obtained by prosecutors for questioning barely a month later he was released on misconduct charges.

TV footage showed officials entering the flat in Tokyo Thursday of Ghosn, along with a car later going into the prosecutors’ office.

He can confront what’s going to be his arrest under Japanese law. He was arrested in November. He was in December, including breach of trust fees. Detentions are prolonged by the arrests .

The latest charge seems to be about the investigation by Nissan Motor Co.’s French alliance partner Renault about payments in Oman into some significant dealership, a few of which is suspected of being channeled for Ghosn’s individual use.