Russia-Germany gas pipeline Expects route in sea

The developers of a natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany implemented Monday to get a course south of Denmark’s Baltic Sea island since they try to overcome objections.

The Danish Energy Agency states Nord Stream two has employed an alternative course in the seas south-east of Bornholm in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone. It couldn’t state when a license might be allowed but stated only one could be granted.

Even the Switzerland-based Nord Stream 2 confirmed it was requested to submit an application for a different route.

It said in a declaration that requesting a third route alternative”can simply be regarded as a deliberate effort to delay the project’s completion,” incorporating European customers could lose up to”at least 20 million euros” per day.

The planned southern pipeline will transport natural gas with a 1,200-kilometer (746-mile) pipeline from Russia to Europe. It has come under fire from a few European nations and the USA claiming it might increase the reliance of Europe on Russia as a provider of electricity.

Washington, which wants to sell its natural gas to Europe, has threatened sanctions against businesses.

Sweden, Finland, russia and Germany have issued licenses.