Derek Jeter Says Marlins Headed In Direction He Wants

The Miami Marlins on Wednesday following their game were 47-69 a full 18 games behind first place in the National League East. They played like they have most of the season in front of a small crowd.

Derek Jeter the franchise’s CEO has now been at his position for 10 months and spoke about the direction the team is headed in. Jeter said the team has a ways to go, as no one is pleased with what has taken place up to now, but the team is headed in the right direction.

The first-year executive based that opinion partly on the succession of trades which depleted the roster of the major league franchise but succeeded in replenishing its farm system that prior to then had ranked amongst the worst in baseball.

The team made a pair of trades prior to the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline by trading Cameron Maybin an outfielder and Brad Ziegler a reliever for more prospects.

The Marlins held on to their All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto as well as several young players who will likely become part of the rebuilding effort of Jeter.

Jeter said that each move the organization makes is to make the team better and the idea is not just to give players away, which is why the organization is happy with the players it has added including those at the trade deadline.

The Marlins want a long-term contract with Realmuto signally a change in executive philosophy under new ownership as the franchise has long been accustomed to having a great deal of roster turnover.

Jeter said Realmuto was at the top of the list of best all-round catchers and the team wants him to have a long term deal.

The team has relied for the most part on young players thus far in 2018 with mixed results. The benefit of that said Jeter is having the opportunity to evaluate the unproven yet promising talent even when players are not playing well.

Jeter likes to see when players are struggling as he wants to see how they respond to that because at some point every player is going to struggle.

One player who has struggled little if any this season is Brian Anderson the Marlins rookie right fielder who is batting .283. Jeter said Anderson should be near the top of the lists for anyone who is talking about this year’s Rookie of the Year.