Lawsuit: Player Agency in MLB Provided PEDs to Players

A former employee at ACES, the baseball player rep agency, filed a lawsuit against the company heads Sam and Seth Levinson claiming the two made payment under the table to players, and directed their clients to people who could provide them with performance-enhancing drugs.

The lawsuit filed by Juan Carlos Nunez in the Supreme Court of New York State seeks $2 million for unpaid commissions as well as fees and expenses of $500,000.

The lawsuit claims that ACES had provided players in MLB for decades with PEDs, says it has a signed affidavit by Kirk Radomski, who filed a guilty plea to two charges and was a player in MLB’s PED Mitchell Report over 10 years ago, and goes into step by step detail about the alleged involved by the Levinson’s with Anthony Bosch, the convicted drug dealer from Biogenesis.

It also includes how Sam Levinson made the introduction of Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera and other players to Bosch and had been aware that the regimen of Bosch for players had contained HGH, performance-enhancing gummies and testosterone.

The lawsuit, which claims as well that the Levinsons made payments under the table to clients, says that the mantra of the Levinsons was doing whatever it takes, even if that meant it would be in violation of U.S. laws and MLB rules.

The suit also claims it has a signed affidavit by Radomski, the most famous past provider of PEDs in baseball that says he regularly provided clients from ACES with PEDs, and detailed an explanation of the routine for pickup and drop off.

Nunez is known most for the role he played in building a fake website following the positive test of Cabrera in 2012 for PEDs. The goal of the website was to trick MLB into believing Cabrera had taken a substance that he had read about on the internet, without realizing it had been a PED.

Nunez subsequently was sentenced to three months behind bars as well as house arrest for the role he played in the PED scandal involving Biogenesis.

During the time, of the scandal involving Biogenesis, the Levinson’s made the claim that Nunez was just a rogue employee. Nunez worked in helping to recruit players who were Spanish-speaking for ACES.

Cabrera said during a press conference that he had been persuaded by Nunez to take the PEDs, and said that Nunez had provided banned substances to him.

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