Willson Contreras Comments Raised a Few Eyebrows

After he expressed admiration for veteran catchers Buster Posey and Yadier Molina last weekend, Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras raised a few eyebrows after adding that he knows that he will be better than the two of them.

It is not surprising that a pair of the eyebrows that Contreras’ comments raised were those of St. Louis catcher Molina.

Molina fired back Wednesday at the comments made by Contreras. The Cardinals veteran posted a photo with himself on Instagram along with Posey and fellow catcher Salvador Perez. The photo was taken during All-Star Game festivities in 2015. The caption Molina put on the photo read, “Respect today’s rankings novices. Here with those who proved that they are the hard ones.”

Molina is correct. Although Contreras has played extremely well since his debut with Chicago two seasons ago, the catcher, who is 25, has some distance to make up before he can be mentioned during the same conversation with as Posey and Molina, both of whom are expected to one day be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Between the two of them, Posey and Molina have appeared 13 times in the All-Star game, have 9 Gold Gloves, 5 Silver Sluggers, an MVP in the National League, and have won 5 World Series championships.

After Molina posted on Instagram, Willson Contreras attempted to clear up the comments he made during the weekend at the Cubs Convention.

Contreras said that many people misinterpreted what had been said during his recent interview. Contreras said he did not see anything wrong with using the best players of a position as a personal goal and trying to exceed what they have done.

Contreras continued by saying he does not know of any player who does not want to be the best at the position they play. He added that he knows he is lacking the years of experiences the others have and only time can tell how things will work out.

While no one doubts it is not impossible for Contreras to one day match or even exceed the excellent production of Posey and Molina, the youngster has a long road to go until that time comes.

During his first complete season playing behind the plate for the Cubs, Contreras batted .276 with a 3.2 WAR and 121 wRC+, finishing in each of those two categories behind Posey.

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