Small Chances Can Lead To Breakthrough And A Good Foundation

Sports and life are so similar may be that’s why we tell others to take life sportingly and move on if something unpleasant happens. Returning from a hectic work trip can be like having played a hard game of baseball. Injuries at the work place and on the sports ground are all too common. One thread that happens to each one of us is we are presented with small chances of opportunities and failures. Losing a closely played game is like losing a sales lead even after putting your best presentation to the buyer.

Again, there are good things that happen in small ways when you least expect it and in the most mundane way for ex when your competitor suddenly opts out of the bid or withdraws his offer or changes his tactics and the new setting is highly favourable for you. Maybe it’s only that the seasons had changed and there were more sales, better weather led to a great game of baseball and likewise. A small failure at work or in a game can be very costly in the long run.

A good executive or sales person will always look ahead and build up on the small chances that happen every other day to reach a breakthrough leading to a solid foundation for the next few years. Good career planning should in most cases lead to a happy life and we see it happening around us when we meet friends while shopping who have managed to make good use of the opportunities that have come their way.

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