MLB Rumors: Aroldis Chapman May Return to Yankees

It seems the New York Yankees have started to recruit one of their former top players as the offseason begins. After reports came out earlier that the Yankees were after Carlos Beltran, new reports have surfaced that say, the Pinstripes are targeting closer Aroldis Chapman.

The reports said the Yankees want Chapman, the southpaw closer, back in their bullpen.

Chapman appeared in 31 games for the Yankees during the 2016 regular season. While with New York, his ERA was 2.01, he struck out 44 batters, recorded 20 saves and his WHIP was 0.89.

However, during the trade deadline, the Yankees shipped Chapman to the Chicago Cubs for Rashad Crawford, Billy McKinney, Adam Warren and sensational youngster Gleyber Torres.

It appears as though the trade was good for Chapman. He was able to help the Cubs to avoid being eliminating from the World Series in Game 5 against Cleveland and he helped the team close out the seventh and deciding game of the Fall Classic giving Chicago its first World Series title in 108 years.

Now the recent reports have said that when he was asked whether he would be interested in returning to play for the Yankees, he answered that he would love being a Yankee once again.

According to the love part, the New York Post wrote that the feeling was mutual between Chapman and the Yankees organization and that both are interested in a reunion for the 2017 season.

Chapman has already expressed gratitude to the Pinstripes back when they took a chance on the closer when he had been banned by baseball for 30 games to start the season.

The report said as well that Brian Cashman the general manager of the Yankees expressed sentiments that were the same as Chapman saying the team wants Chapman to return.

Since the trade that since Chapman to Chicago took place while the regular season was in progress, it will not cost the Yankees a draft pick.

Besides Chapman, it has been reported that the Yankees are targeting big bats Jose Bautista, Yoenis Cespedes and Edwin Encarnacion in possible trades.

However, the biggest priority for the Yankees is getting a player man in the bullpen, which is where Chapman comes into play.

A big contract worth up to $100 million is what Chapman may demand and that could make signing him more difficult but the Yankees are known to dish out large sums of cash for the players they want.

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  1. Nicholas blagowidow says:

    All the current tinkering
    Brian cashman has done and
    Will do this off season
    Towards fielding a respectable team which will
    Compete for a playoff spot
    Revolves around getting at
    Least one veteran so…
    And at least one young rookie so with lightning
    The current rotation does not scare me.
    The 2018_rotation depends on
    Tanaka…one ?,_will the
    Yankees resign eovaldi ?
    Re Tanaka, if he opts out
    And his arm is sound will
    The Yankees meet his demands

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