Five Ejected in Tigers-Phillies Spring Training Game

Three players and a pair of coaches were ejected on Thursday in three incidents during an afternoon spring training game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Detroit Tigers.

The list of players and coaches tossed out included Matthew Boyd from the Tigers, Parker Frazier and Pedro Beato from the Phillies, Phillies manager Gabe Kapler and bench coach Rob Thomson. Tom Hallion the home plate umpire tossed all five.

Boyd was tossed first. He hit Phillies player Odubel Herrera in the fifth with a pitch. Herrera told reporters after the game that he was not hit with the pitch.

Following that play, Ron Gardenhire the Tigers manager exchanged harsh words with Hallion but did not get ejected.

Gardenhire called it crazy but said once the precedent had been decided that pitches were thrown intentionally at players the umpire set the tone.

Gardenhire told reporters that Hallion had explained to him that he knew when pitchers were throwing at batters.

It was a surprise that Gardenhire was not tossed. He spoke quite harshly to Hallion and said he has never completed an argument such as that without being ejected.

The Tigers manager explained that they are trying to get their pitchers through as many innings as possible, but with them being tossed out of games it is difficult to accomplish. Boyd allowed five hits and one run during 4 2/3 innings before being tossed. He struck out three.

The four Phillies were tossed during the eighth and ninth. During the eighth, Hallion threw out Frazier after he hit Derek Hill a prospect for the Tigers. With that ejection, Kapler was next.

In the ninth, Dylan Rosa was hit by the Phillies Beato with a pitch and Beato was immediately tossed out followed by bench coach Thomson.

During the fifth inning, Jose Iglesias a shortstop for the Tigers, who had a double and single earlier, was hit by a Hector Neris pitch.

All this taking place in spring training games is very surprising, which supports the claim by Gardenhire that the pitches were not intentionally thrown at batters but were due to a lack of control on the part of pitchers.

The 2018 regular season begins next week and clubs are attempting to find the best pitchers available to them before making roster cuts and sending some back to the minors or releasing them outright.

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