Rumor: Eric Hosmer Has Offers from Padres and Royals

It appears that as 2018 starts the free agent market for the top players is finally beginning to heat up. A report by one sports media outlet says that Eric Hosmer the free agent first baseman who opted to leave the Kansas City Royals has received contract offers from both the Royals and the San Diego Padres.

The offer by the Royals is said to be for seven years and $147 million which would make it a franchise record. It seems that Hosmer also has been offered a seven-year deal by the Padres for $140 million, which makes it $1 million less than the deal from the Royals.

The time frame for the proposals was confirmed by two high ranking executives with the Royals and Padres but neither would give the total amount guaranteed or if opt out provisions and buyouts were offered as well.

Hosmer wants a minimum of eight or nine years for a contract but it is not known if either of the two teams will increase Hosmer’s offer if he asks them to.

The contract offers for seven years are equal to the deals that Jacoby Ellsbury signed for $153 million and Chris Davis signed for $161 million over the past couple of years.

The average of between $20 million and $21 million per year would also be in line with Carlos Santana another first baseman who signed a new deal a few weeks ago.

Hosmer, who in October turned 28, is a player who is seen in two different lights by people in baseball and those in stats. Baseball pundits see him as a franchise player due to the leadership qualities he possesses, his all-around fine play and athleticism. Those that follow numbers suggest that Hosmer is inconsistent, for one year to the next and has a short track record.

Ground balls will not create extra base hits usually and never become home runs. If a team signs him with an idea to tap his offensive potential to hit more fly balls he might send more over the fence.

He is in his prime and it is not crazy to consider that fly balls would turn the first baseman into a possible MVP candidate.

San Diego or Kansas City are the most likely places that Hosmer will land, but there is the possibility other teams might step up to the plate to sign him, and if his agent Scott Boras is able to leverage those two offers against one another to get his client a guaranteed eighth year.

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