Red Sox Re-Sign Mitch Moreland, Continue Looking for Bigger Bat

On Monday, after announcing that Boston re-signed Mitch Moreland, its first baseman to a two year deal, Dave Dombrowski the president of baseball operations said he would be comfortable with no more additions to his offense that hit fewer home runs than any other team last season in the American League.

Not many believe him.

The Red Sox do not have any feared batter in the middle of their batting order while AL arch-rivals the New York Yankees have Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Moreland is a good player. He played well his first season with the Red Sox, and he may have played even better if not for the broken toe he suffered at midseason. He is a tough player, has strong leadership qualities and reached the postseason in six of eight seasons in the majors.

Boston was looking at Eric Hosmer the free agent who left the Royals, but given Boston’s need to find a legitimate home run threat, Hosmer did not fit into their plans, as Moreland will cost them far less and his numbers over the past three seasons are almost identical to those of Hosmer.

By bringing Moreland back, Boston ended their bid for Hosmer, which is making the places left for Hosmer to find a landing spot fewer and fewer. One rumor is he would end up playing in San Diego, while returning to the Royals cannot be ruled out.

Dombrowski has wanted to sign J.D. Martinez to fill the slugger spot but that process is no closer to happening now than it was prior to the free agent market opening up following the conclusion of the World Series.

The Red Sox president of baseball operations also mentioned that Boston could still add a hitter to the lineup without subtracting from its roster, and that is actually want they would like to accomplish.

If they sign Martinez, they would force Hanley Ramirez into a part-time DH/first base role and make it difficult for him to reach 497 appearances at the plate that the player needs to vest an option worth $22 million in 2019.

Dombrowski added that the team continues feeling they have the opportunity of signing someone else to the club, but it will not be a first baseman, but a DH and outfielder would be a good fit to contribute on a full time basis.

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