Rafael Palmeiro Eyeing Comeback at 53

Rafael Palmeiro, who since 2005 has not play in Major League Baseball, is considering a comeback.

Palmeiro has a pair of reasons for considering a return to the big leagues. First, he believes he could give good value to a major league ball club and second, he wants to erase the lingering thoughts he has from how his career came to an end.

During a congressional hearing in 2005 on performance-enhancing drug use in baseball, Palmeiro pointed his finger defiantly and said, and I quote, “I have never used steroids, period.”

During that same season, he was suspended 10 days after he tested positive for stanozolol the strong anabolic steroid. He was then released by the Baltimore Orioles and has not played since for any team in the majors.

Palmeiro said he had no doubt in his mind he could play in the majors. He added that he has taken care of himself very well since retiring, has worked out during the last 12 years and feels better now than when he last played.

However, the second of the two reasons appears as if it is more important to Palmeiro. He told reporters that maybe after 12 years, he could prove to the world he did not need anything for his career to be so good.

He added that maybe a dozen years later he could return and prove he doesn’t need anything at 53, then people might believe that maybe he did not do anything intentionally while playing years ago.

Major League Baseball general managers though doubt that Palmeiro has any chance of making a return to the big leagues. One GM has apparently even said that Palmeiro would need to dominate an overseas or independent league for any ball club to even give him a consideration.

However, it appears that Palmeiro is not interested in moving up the ladder to return to the big leagues. He told reporters that if he goes to spring training with a chance to earn a spot on the team he would not have to start in the minors.

During his professional career in the majors that spanned 20 years, Palmeiro played for the Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles. He is one of just five players in big league history to hit 500 homers and 3,000 hits. His final numbers in those two categories are 569 home runs and 3,020 hits.

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