Could Giancarlo Stanton Join the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The 2017 World Series has become a distant memory in just three short weeks as teams now focus on 2018. The Miami Marlins have talked hours about the future of slugger Giancarlo Stanton with other ball clubs, but apparently new ownership has ignored Stanton.

Derek Jeter the new CEO of the team acknowledged at last week’s GM meetings that he has not spoken to Stanton about the possibility of a trade.

That mistake might hurt in the long run as Miami has already started talking trade with other teams. Up to now, Stanton has been nothing short of gracious about no communication from the new owners, and through not complaining about it, he is effectively letting Jeter and the rest of the new ownership know they are off the hook.

That might be due to him understanding the powerful position he holds now, and whether sooner or later, Miami will have to approach him, and he could and likely will get all that he wants out of any deal.

Through having a no-trade clause and the star power he holds, Stanton has leverage that will ensure the next place he plays is where he will want to end his pro career.

Stanton is still owed $295 million across the next 10 years, and has an opt-out clause following the 2020 season. Rumors have been flying about him being traded to the Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants, but Miami cannot complete any deal without his approval.

Some of Stanton’s friends have said if he could play for any team it would be the Dodgers. He attended high school in California in Sherman Oaks which is only 15 miles away from Dodger Stadium.

If he wants to play there, he can reject the other proposals from other clubs and eventually Miami would be forced to deal with the club Stanton targets.

Of course, it might take time, a month, six months during next season, since Miami is not hurried and can take its time to find a trade that is best for the needs it has.

It appears the Dodgers have not shown much interest in Stanton, but they might not be showing all their cards early this offseason. Stanton could be a great fit in a batting order with Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager.

Stanton might be one of baseball’s most powerful hitters on the field, but that is exceeded by the negotiating leverage off the field that he now possesses.

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