Not Even Clayton Kershaw Can End the Losing

Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw was hoping to help his team turnaround its miserable past two weeks on Thursday night. It did not happen, as the losses continued and Kershaw looked average at best.Kershaw allow hits to each of the first four batters he faced against Colorado. It was the first time in his Major League Baseball career he has done that. He made it through a difficult second inning and through three innings already had thrown 71 pitches.

He was yanked during the fourth after throwing his 86-pitch limit. The Rockies would go on to win the game, followed by a win on Friday and Los Angeles has now lost 13 of its past 14 games.

The Dodgers over a period of two months lost just nine games, but have now lost 13 in the last two weeks. The Dodgers’ fan may not have pushed the panic button yet, knowing they have Kershaw, but following his average performance on Thursday, that button might be pushed soon.

Kershaw overpowered the Padres during his first start following his stint on the DL, but he has always dominated San Diego.

The Dodgers have just fallen apart. Bad fielding, bad hitting, and according to many fans bad managing by Dave Roberts. Dodgers’ fans might find a bit of reprieve in the fact little or no correlation exists between the way a team plats during September and the way it plays during October.

In 2000, the New York Yankees were 0-7 to end the season losing games by 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7 runs. The Yankees were 3-14 over their last 17, but ended up winning the World Series in October.

However, Los Angeles will enter the postseason not being feared like they were two weeks ago. The offense has tired as have at least two of the top starters on the mound.

Los Angeles is 92-49 on the season has lost eight straight and 13 of 14, but remains 10 games in front of the second place Arizona Diamondbacks who are 82-59. The Dodgers have 21 games left on their regular season schedule and it is doubtful they will be caught by Arizona.

Nevertheless, the Dodgers need to turn things around and quickly, so they can enter the postseason in October having corrected some of their hitting woes and their pitchers finding a much needed second wind.

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