Gary Sanchez Turnaround Started at the Bottom

New York Yankees fans are wondering if it was the embarrassment from the benching or the rest he was given, but are happy that Gary Sanchez is back.

Regardless of what caused it, Sanchez is making a surge at just the right time for the Bronx Bombers.

On Wednesday, Sanchez hit another home run and had three RBIs in New York’s blowout win of 10-2 over the Tigers.

Over his past 15 games, the Yankees catcher, who is just 24, has a batting line of .333/.395/.826, with 9 homers and 20 RBIs.

That comes after he had sat during a weekend series with Cleveland, when he was scolded publicly by manager Joe Girardi for the poor defensive display behind the plate August 4.

He was the designated hitter August 5, with assurance made publicly from his manager that he would return to his catcher position the following day. He sat out August 6 after Girardi had changed his mind and kept Austin Romine his backup at catcher.

In his 14 starts previous to his run of 15 latest games, Sanchez’s slash line was .222/.282/.481 that included just 3 home runs and 6 RBIs.

Some believe that both Alex Rodriguez and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez played a part in Sanchez’s resurrection. Sanchez has given credit to A-Rod with giving him some of his wisdom and since the day the two met Sanchez has batted .340 with 8 home runs and 19 RBIs over a 12-game run.

Girardi believes the rest might have helped Sanchez, but said it is hard to ever determine what the trigger was for a player to change direction.

He added that several young players have a heap of pressure and responsibility thrown on them and no one is certain how they will handle such pressure, with often times there being ebbs and flows.

Girardi, a former catcher himself, has likely been more inclined to be critical of Sanchez, but he appreciates the August rise Sanchez has had despite playing what is the sport’s most demanding position.

August seems to be Sanchez’s month, as well as September, said his manager. Girardi was referring to his debut of two-months last season where he was good enough to nearly win rookie of the year, but lost to Detroit’s Michael Fulmer.

Sanchez says he feels good at this point of the season and has not reached the

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