Major League Baseball Draft Begins Monday June 12

If you have followed baseball’s draft the past few years the future is now for all 30 of the clubs in Major League Baseball. That has made the draft something worth watching.

The biggest question of the day is who will emerge as the next Aaron Judge, Trea Turner or Kyle Schwarber.

Only four years ago, none of those players were even drafted, yet today they are some of baseball’s top young stars.

Seventy-five are going to hear their names during Monday night’s draft. The first 36 draft picks will be televised by the MLB Network and all of the picks including those on the second and third day will be streamed on

The Minnesota Twins will have the first pick and most believe the team will choose between Brendan McKay from Louisville who pitches and plays first base and Kyle Wright a right-handed pitcher from Vanderbilt.

This is the first time the Twins have picked No. 1 since 2001 when they chose Joe Mauer. Minnesota has had six players work out while trying to decide which one to take as the No. 1 pick.

One of the six is Hunter Greene a high school prospect from California who is considered the top prospect in the draft. Greene plays shortstop and is a right-handed pitcher.

Greene, who appeared earlier this year on the cover of Sports Illustrated, will be amongst four amateur players attending the draft festivities on Monday.

Greene, who is just 17, excels as a shortstop and right-handed pitcher, and could become the first right-hander in high school to be picked No. 1 overall since the Draft started back in 1965.

He has earned great praise for his athleticism from scouts across the league and his fastball, which has been clocked at 102 mph, is the biggest weapon he has while on the mound.

One executive in the American League called Greene a unique talent.

The No. 2 prospect in the draft, McKay is also gifted in a similar way. He is arguably the best two-way prospect in the draft since 1973 when the San Diego Padres took Dave Winfield No. 4 overall.

In fact, his talent is so strong in both roles the teams selecting in the top 5 spots in the draft are divided about what his optimal role is.

Minnesota, Cincinnati at No. 2 and San Diego at No. 3 would draft him as a right-handed pitcher, while Atlanta at No. 4 and Tampa Bay at No. 5 would take him to play first base.

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