Josh Hamilton Released By Texas Rangers

Josh Hamilton injured his knee again and this time it could spell the end of his Major League Baseball career.

On Friday, the Texas Rangers announced they had released the 2010 AL MVP from a minor league deal, saying that he had injured his knee while in Houston trying to return to the majors after having surgery on his left knee.

In May, Hamilton will be 36 and underwent surgery last June on his knee and left the Rangers during spring training to have another procedure due to experiencing soreness in the knee.

The procedure last month was the 11th time Hamilton has had his knee operated on and the third time since he last played a game in the majors back in 2015.

Now it appears No. 12 will be performed after which the slugger said he would evaluate his situation. In a brief statement, Hamilton said he was disappointed but was not discouraged that his knee issues would not give him the opportunity to play at some point during this season.

Joe Daniels the Texas general manager said he was not sure about the details involving the next surgery, but did say it was significant and Hamilton could not play this year. Daniels did not sound that optimistic about Hamilton being able to play ever again.

He called the odds challenging due to the number of surgeries Hamilton has had on his knees, but Daniels did say Hamilton has been able to overcome other setbacks many times in his life.

In 1999, Hamilton was picked No. 1 overall while in high school by the Tampa Bay Rays. His problems with alcohol and drug addiction nearly ended his career before he reached the majors in 2007 with Cincinnati.

The slugger joined Texas for the 2008 season and started a stretch of five straight All-Star selections during which he hit 142 home runs, knocked in 506 runs and reached the World Series twice.

Prior to the 2013 season, Hamilton signed a 5-year $125 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels, but soon experienced more knee injuries that plagued his career and his numbers started to drop off.

In 2015, he was traded back to the Texas Rangers. This year is the final year of his contract and Los Angeles is paying $22 million to the Rangers which covers the majority of the more than $24 million that is due Hamilton this season.

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