Dodgers and Brewers Reportedly Talking Ryan Braun Trade

The Los Angeles Dodgers have played for a while with too many outfielders, but that has not stopped them from discussing the possibility of a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers for veteran outfielder Ryan Braun.

Talks took place the first time last August during the waiver period and included a possible deal involving Dodgers’ outfielder slugger Yasiel Puig.

Currently sources in league said the Dodgers and Brewers kept in touch about the possible Braun trade. Los Angeles’ weak link remains the outfield and thus far have not swung the ball well hitting only .238 beginning this past weekend.

At this time, the Dodgers have Franklin Gutierrez and Andre Ethier on their disabled list, but even when those two are healthy, the team might prefer to have quality rather than quantity.

Therefore, Los Angeles remains interested in Braun. However, it appears that at this point the Dodgers have taken Puig off the table as he has started the season hot and at just 26 and has value over the short- and long-term to Los Angeles, a team with legitimate chances to win the World Series.

Regarding a possible trade to Los Angeles, the clock for a deal might be ticking, as things could become more complicated down the line.

Braun has a no-trade clause, but the Dodgers are one of just six teams that could acquire him through a trade without his consent. That will change May 24, Braun will reach 10 years of service in the majors and will have the complete no-trade clause intact.

Since Braun will have so much power in any trade starting May 24, it could mean there is just over one month left for the Dodgers to make a deal for the outfielder.

Braun is now 33 and is starting the season like he usually does. Through Saturday’s game he has 3 home runs the Brewers first 9 games

When Braun is healthy, he is one the league’s steadiest power hitters. Even though he is 33, he still has not shown any decline in skills.

Braun has $75 million left on his contract and if the Brewers want a package of players with high talent included, they will need eat much of his salary obligation.

From the standpoint of Los Angeles they have to have confidence to change Andrew Toles for Braun, as Puig’s role will not likely be diminished by the Dodgers in favor of the veteran Braun.

Toles is just 24 and has a strong upside but has little experience under his belt at the major league level.

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