Major League Baseball Wants Limit of 30 Seconds for Replay Challenges

In one more attempt to make the pace of play better, MLB want to use a 30-second limit for team managers to request a challenge on instant replay.

The league wants to stop managers from standing around as their video guy reviews the play in question.

The rule as it stands now, in the majority of cases, managers must inform umpires immediately if they want a call challenged. However the reality is there are long delays often times as the managers wait to receive advice from their own internal replays people prior to making a challenge.

There are not any stats that are directly related to the time managers are taking, but it appears that most managers are making their decisions currently in fewer than 30 seconds.

During 2014, the first year that instant replay was used, a great deal of standing around took place waiting for the dugouts to decide, but today much less of that occurs.

The best way to speed up the whole instant replay issue would be placing a time limit on how long the replay crew for MLB is able to review plays that have been challenged.

Over the past couple of years, some replays have taken a great deal of time to be decided.

In 2014, in a game between Toronto and Oakland one challenged replay took over 10 minutes to be resolved. However, MLB statistics show that the average delay for replays in 2014 was 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The limit could be reduced to 1 minute 30 seconds or up to 2 minutes.

The replays that take the longest are usually one that involved plays which are inconclusive. When not enough evidence is available to overturn a call on the field, and having a time limit would help to shorten those types of delays.

With a limit of two minutes the toughest of calls would be able to be overturned or remain the same very quickly. The league’s goal of having the replay is to ensure that plays are called right and due to human error, it helps to make it fairer by correcting a play that an umpire missed or made the wrong call.

Since replays are not often needed and there are limits to them for each manager, there are likely other ways of making the pace of play quicken such as the amount of time between pitches that a pitcher can take or the number of times a team can change pitchers during the same inning.

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