Cubs Give President Obama A Visit

On Monday, the President of the U.S. was briefly a fan of the Chicago Cubs. President Barack Obama helped the team celebrate its first World Series title in 108 years. The Cubs were thankful that first lady Michelle Obama had their backs.

The Cubs knew upon arriving at the White House that the president was a known fan of the White Sox. However, the president is aware how important the Cubs World Series title has been on the people of Chicago including his wife Michelle.

The first lady, prior to Monday’s visit by the Cubs, had never attended a White House celebration for a sports team but she did not miss the visit by the Cubs. The favorite player for the first lady was Jose Cardenal and Mrs. Obama gave him a huge hug.

With President Obama ready to leave the White House, the Cubs offered him a last minute pardon. They told him he would be welcomed with open arms and presented him with a home as well as away No. 44 jersey and a lifetime pass to their games.

Laura Ricketts the board member of the Cubs gave the lifetime pass to the president. He responded by saying the gifts were some of the best he has received while in office.

Obama was also presented by the Cubs with a big “W” flag that was autographed by the entire team and the team said it hoped he would put the flag up in his new library when completed.

Obama, during his remarks, said that he and David Ross the Cubs catcher had a great deal in common as they both have been on a retirement party for the past year.

Obama called manager Joe Maddon cool and signaled out Anthony Rizzo as his fellow No. 44.

Humor was part of Obama’s presentation as he told the team that it took them long enough to win a World Series.

Obama has been able to host a number of sports teams from Chicago during the two terms he has been in office including the Blackhawks after they won the Stanley Cup championship.

He also presented Ernie Banks, known as Mr. Cub with the Presidential Medal of Freedom back in 2013.

He hosted the Chicago Bears Super Bowl team of 1985 since the team never was able to visit the White House after its victory.

However, his favorite time hosting a Chicago team was in 2009 when he hosted the White Sox.

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