Ivan Nova Will Sign With Pittsburgh Pirates

On Thursday, the Pittsburgh Pirates have reportedly reached terms with Ivan Nova a starting pitcher on a deal of three years.

A source says that Nova and the Pirates agreed to a deal of 3 years worth $26 million, with a signing bonus of $2 million. The deal is apparently only pending Nova’s physical.

Nova’s stock has drop a great deal during the last two-plus seasons while he was with the Yankees. With the contract ready to expire, New York traded Nova to Pittsburgh at the August trade deadline.

The move apparently was positive for the native of the Dominican Republic. The right-hander, who is 29, posted an ERA of 3.05 and a WHIP of 1.10. He struck out 52 in his 64.2 innings of work that included 11 starts.

While with the Yankees last season, Nova appeared in 21 games with an ERA of 4.90.

Nova accredited Ray Searage the Pittsburgh pitching coach with his improvement and leaving the spotlight of New York.

Nova called Searage a great pitching coach and who was one of the big reasons his season turned around.

Nova threw three complete games while with the Pirates during the stretch run last season. That matched his total in over six years with New York.

His strong performances with the Pirates showcased his potential that he flashed on and off with the Yankees.

In all, Nova’s overall numbers during his career have been an ERA of 4.30 and 595 strikeouts across 793 plus innings.

He is now in what is considered the prime years for a player and many in the organization feel he can improve during 2017 over last season.

Remaining in Pittsburgh appears on the surface to be for the best. It will give Nova the chance to build from his late season progress of last year and keep him within a market that is much smaller that appears to match his personality.

The signing appears to be good for Pittsburgh as well. There are a number of question marks in the Pirates rotation and Nova will fill a place in the middle of the rotation and could even move up to the team’s No. 2.

Of course, his strong finish to last season does not mean he will continue with that success, but the risk is such that Pittsburgh believed it was worth investing in the pitcher over the long term.

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