Will Dozier Become a Dodger and More MLB Tidbits

Rumors have exploded across Internet and sports pages around the country surrounding the possible trade of Brian Dozier to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The rumor could gain momentum due to the Dodgers reportedly being willing to add a top prospect to the package.

According to sources, the Dodgers are willing to include Jose De Leon their top prospect on the mound to acquire Dozier, which might cause the Minnesota Twins to push forward with the trade for their talented second baseman.

Minnesota will likely want even more, but the right-hander, who is just 24, would be a good starting point for talks to begin about the trade.

Currently De Leon is second amongst prospects for the Dodgers and No. 33 overall. Due to the depth at starting pitcher for the Dodgers and the desire of the Twins to add young arms with talent this could turn out to be a good fit for both.

Rumors have being increasing about Edwin Encarnacion returning to the Oakland A’s. Baseball pundits said the team is speaking to the slugger even though his price tag would likely be out of their limited low budget range.

Miami was unable to land the big prize catch of Kenley Jansen or Aroldis Chapman they were seeking, but Brad Ziegler a veteran is a strong consolation prize. Ziegler and the Marlins agree to a $16 million two-year deal on Friday.

Although charges of domestic assault against Jeurys Familia the closer for the Mets were dropped last Thursday, expectation is that he will still be suspended for 30 games by the league.

It seems in fact to be a precedent as Yankees closer Chapman was given a similar 30-game suspension to start the 2016 season after charges against him for domestic violence were also dropped.

Torii Hunter Jr. the son of Torii Hunter a former player in the Major Leagues will leave the football team at Notre Dame to pursue a career in baseball. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels this past June.

Boston signed Brandon Workman a reliever to an undisclosed contract avoiding arbitration with the pitcher.

The new labor agreement in Major League Baseball requires teams to begin scheduling games earlier to accommodate teams that travel on the final day of a series. This new provision begins in 2018 and has to be carried out each time a traveling team has a 2½-hour or longer flight following the game.

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