Howie Kendrick Traded by Dodgers to Phillies

On Friday, the Los Angeles Dodgers parted ways with outfielder Howie Kendrick by trading him to the Philadelphia Phillies. Kendrick was traded for Darin Ruf a first baseman and Darnell Sweeney a utility player said both teams in separate releases.

Phillies General Manager Matt Klentak said that Kendrick brings a veteran, proven presence to the team’s young lineup. Klentak called Kendrick a hard worker, a true professional hitter and a very good teammate.

Kendrick, who is 33, this past season, hit .255 with 8 home runs in the 146 games he played. He started the season slowly but picked up during midseason.

Kendrick played left field most of the time, but also played first, second as well as third. It was reported that he became unhappy about being moved around to different positions and wanted to play one position.

Prior to this past season, Kendrick spent his career in the majors as a second baseman. He now will be a full time outfielder. Philadelphia will play him strictly in left field.

Cesar Hernandez is the young 26-year old second baseman for the Phillies who hit .294 with 6 homers and stole 17 bases.

Hernandez has had his name appear in some trade rumors, so if the Phillies were to depart with him, Kendrick could step in and take that position. Either way, Kendrick gets full time playing in left with Hernandez on the team or at second if the 26-year old is traded.

Kendrick will receive $10 million for 2017 and after the season will be a free agent. For the Phillies, the acquisition of Kendrick will most likely be for just one season.

The Phillies could trade him around deadline time to pick up young talent to help their rebuilding, if Kendrick is able to play well during the first half of the season.

Philadelphia could keep him by offering him a qualifying offer if they do not trade him during the trade deadline.

The Phillies may try to re-sign the veteran before the season ends, as he would be a very good veteran mentor for younger players in the clubhouse as well as in the dugout.

The final option would be not to do anything, Kendrick leaves as a free agent and the Phillies do not get anything in return.

The risk is low for the Phillies and something the organization likely sees as win-win for them as they gain experience for this season and could pick up prospects for the future.

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