Brian McCann Could Be Traded by New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are rumored to have finally found a partner to trade Brian McCann the veteran catcher, according to a daily in New York City.

Though this report does not give the name of the other team that is involved, it does mention the Atlanta Braves, where McCann played for 9 seasons prior to moving over to the American League with the Yankees, as a possible team that would be interested in the catcher.

A reunion was reportedly discussed this past summer between McCann and the Braves.

The newspaper speculated as well that the Houston Astros might be a good fit since the power bat of the left-handed McCann could help the team balance out a lineup that is heavily loaded with right-handed hitters.

A sports reporter for the Daily News said in the article that New York Senior Vice President and General Manager Brian Cashman had spoken with B.B. Abbott, who is McCann’s agent, about the veteran possibly being traded during the winter months.

McCann’s contract has a no-trade clause so he therefore would have to sign off on a trade that would move home from the Yankees to any team in the majors.

His agent Abbott told Cashman to go through the entire process and if there ends up being something to discuss then give the two of us a call.

McCann, who is 32, played last season in 130 of New York’s 162 games. He batted just .242 with 20 homers and 58 runs batted in. Over the upcoming two seasons, McCann will earn $17 million per season. The contract includes as well an option of $15 million for 2019.

With the addition last season of Gary Sanchez, the Yankees are able to move on without needing the services of McCann. Sanchez showed during his games with the Yankees that he has the potential to be an All-Star at catcher and is in the running to for the Rookie of the Year award in the American League.

Reports are that Houston is desperate to add a new catcher and a left-handed bat in the lineup. That would make McCann an almost perfect match.

In addition to the protection of a no-trade clause that McCann has, the size of his contract could be an impediment to any trade.

It has been reported that the Astros do not want to pay the catcher the remaining $34 million on his contract. Although, if New York wants to make the trade bad enough and McCann agrees to be traded, then the Yankees could include cash to offset the burden on Houston.

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