Report: Don Mattingly Ready to Leave If Barry Bonds Was Not Fired

On Monday, Barry Bonds the hitting coach for the Miami Marlins was fired. Bonds is considered one of the greatest long ball hitters in the history of Major League Baseball.

Later that day, a coach in Major League Baseball reportedly said that Don Mattingly the manager of the Marlins would have submitted his resignation if Bonds had not been fired from the team.

Sources said that during the course of the season, Bonds’ level of commitment dwindled and Mattingly during the summer called the hitting coach out.

However, it was apparent earlier than that that the end was near for Bonds with the Marlins.

Last April, Mattingly, who started his first season as manager of the Marlins following five seasons as the Los Angeles Dodgers manager, took a swipe at the work ethic of Bonds, saying the hitting coach was like a work in progress.

At the same time, Mattingly lauded the work of Frank Menechino the assistant hitting coach for the team, for how he prepared himself and the players prior to games.

Apparently Mattingly said that Frankie continued to do a great deal of prep work, while Bonds was getting into a routine of what is the bad side of being a coach: Arriving at 1:00, studying video and then studying on the plane which does not allow for watching movies while on the plane.

Mattingly apparently added that all that depended upon how good of coach the individual wanted to be. If your idea is to be a strong coach, there is a great deal of work that must be done.

Under the tutelage of Bonds, the offense for Miami was only mediocre as the club ended the regular season with a record of 79-82, which was third in the National League East.

However, the difficult ending to the Marlins season, following the tragic death of pitcher Jose Fernandez, turned baseball during late September and the early part of October irrelevant.

This was the first Major League Baseball jobs for Bonds since he retired in 2007 as a player. However, it did not last long and the problems that apparently happened between he and Mattingly, could make it difficult for the former slugger to find a coaching position with another club.

Mattingly on the other hand will is preparing for his second season with the club.

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  1. NYJ says:

    “Bonds is considered one of the greatest long ball hitters in the history of Major League Baseball.”

    Bonds is considered one of the greatest disgraces in the history of Major League Baseball.

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