Nine of 10 Playoff Spots Still Open for MLB Postseason

With just this weekend and next left in the 2016 Major League Baseball regular season, teams continue to battle for playoff berths.

The National League Central is the only division race that is decided as the Chicago Cubs clinched that last week. However, the nine remaining spots left for the postseason are all up for grabs.

However, some of them are barely up for grabs as teams close in on divisional titles or at least qualifying for a postseason berth.

Here is a look at the current standings and magic numbers of teams to clinch a playoff berth. That magic number so often referred to is one team’s sum of its wins along with the losses by the team closest to it for the team in question to clinch a playoff berth whether it is a division title or wildcard.

In the American League East, the Boston Red Sox lead by 5.5 games and have a magic number of 5 headed into Friday’s game.

In the American League Central, the Cleveland Indians lead by 7 games and have a magic number of just 4.

In the American League West, the Texas Rangers lead by 9 games and have a magic number of only 1.

In the AL wildcard race, Toronto is one game ahead of Detroit with a magic number of 9, while Detroit sits a half game up on Baltimore and has a magic number of 10.

Still in the running are Houston one game back, Seattle two games back and the New York Yankees three games back.

In the National League East, the Washington Nationals lead by 9 games and have a magic number of 2.

In the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers lead by 6 games and have a magic number of just 4.

In the NL wildcard race, the New York Mets are tied at the top with the San Francisco Giants. Both teams are a half game in front of the St. Louis Cardinals and have magic numbers of 10. The Mets and Giants have a lead of 4 1/2 games over the Pittsburgh Pirates and 5 games over the Miami Marlins.

This weekend could end a number of the division races if the leaders can win and the second place teams happen to lose.

With each team having between 9 and 10 games remaining, each one is similar to a playoff game as their postseason changes hang in the balance as the regular season winds it was to its October 2 ending date.

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