Adam Wainwright Is Most Productive Pitcher at the Plate in Four Decades

Tuesday night the St. Louis Cardinals posted an important win against the Colorado Rockies 10-5. The win moved the Cardinals into a three-team tie with the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants for the two National League wildcard spots.

Each of the three has records of 80-71 with only 11 games remaining in the regular season. St. Louis won its game on Tuesday thanks in large part to Adam Wainwright its starting pitcher, although it was not necessarily his pitching arm that was the reason.

Wainwright started less than par for him allowing four runs in 5 plus innings. The start was subpar for the right-hander and he knew that.

However, on Tuesday night Wainwright’s more important contributions came while he was at the plate. The tall right-hander had two hits in as many bats knocking in 4 runs.

He broke a tie of 1-1 with a double that knocked in two runs during the second inning, then added to the Cardinals lead with a single during the fifth that knocked in another two runs.

The big night on Tuesday by Wainwright gives him an average of .224 in his 65 appearances at the plate, which for a pitcher is almost unbelievable.

On the season, the St. Louis right-hander has 7 doubles, 1 triple and a pair of home runs. He is the first pitcher that has 10 hits for extra bases during one season since 2007 when Micah Owing hit 12.

Wainwright has 18 RBIs this year, which is more than any pitcher in the past 45 years. Ferguson Jenkins in 1971 had 20 runs batted in.

Wainwright has more RBI than any other pitcher during the era of the DH that started back in 1973.

Pitchers that are able to hit the way that Wainwright can, is a huge advantage for any NL team. The offensive bar is low for pitchers as they are hitting an average of .132.

Therefore having a pitcher that can put his bat on the ball as well as knock in a few runs is of great value.

During the World Series, their value is even higher, as pitchers must hit when games are played at the home park of the National League team.

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