San Diego GM A.J. Preller Given Suspension of 30 Days by MLB

General Manager of the San Diego Padres A.J. Preller was suspended on Thursday by Major League Baseball the organization announced. Preller’s suspension is for 30 days and came after a MLB investigation.

The Department of Investigation for MLB completed the investigation into a trade on July 14 of Padres pitcher Drew Pomeranz. The Red Sox acquired Pomeranz in that trade.

After interviewing a number of people from both the Red Sox and Padres and conducting its thorough investigation, the MLB Department of Investigations passed its findings along to the commissioner of baseball Robert Manfred Jr.

According to one report released by ESPN, officials with the Padres told athletic trainers to keep two different files of medical information. One file was for industry use, while the other was for internal use by the team.

Trainers were then told during meetings that the two separate files would give the Padres an edge when they made trades, said the ESPN report.

Sources said that officials from a minimum of three MLB teams, including the Boston Red Sox were upset when they first became aware of San Diego’s practice and reached out to the commissioner’s office.

When the first report was published by ESPN, MLB had not yet published its results from their own investigation.

Due to the results of the MLB investigations, Preller was given a 30 suspension without pay. It is not clear when he will start his suspension.

Following the announcement of the suspension, the Padres organization released its own statement on behalf of Ron Fowler the Executive Chairman, Peter Seidler the Managing Partner and Mike Dee the CEO and President.

The statement said the team accepted the discipline that Major League Baseball had handed down on Thursday and would comply fully with the commissioner’s recommendations that pertain to changes with the team’s record keeping and medical administration.

The statement added that the team did not feel any intent had been involved by A.J. Preller or any other member of the operations staff to mislead any other teams.

Preller released his own statement through the team. The statement said he accepted the full responsibility for the issues related to the team’s oversight of its record keeping and medical administration.

He added that this was a learning process for him and he would serve his punishment and looked forward to returning to the organization after his 30-day suspension. also posted a statement online that said MLB considers this matter to be closed and that there would be no further comments related to it.

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