Matt Shoemaker Hit by Line Drive, Suffers Skull Fracture

On Sunday, Matt Shoemaker a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels sustained a slight skull fracture and a hematoma after being hit by a line drive in the head off the bat of the Seattle Mariners’ Kyle Seager.

The incident forced the Angels pitcher out of the game with trainers helping him walk from the field of play.

Seager said afterwards that it was probably the scariest thing he had seen take place on a baseball diamond.

The incident occurred during the second inning of the Los Angeles win over Seattle 4-2, when Shoemaker took the line drive off the right side of his head.

The line drive off Seager’s bat was estimated to be traveling at 105 mph. Shoemaker was scheduled to see a neurologist on Sunday evening and was remaining at the hospital overnight in Seattle for observation.

Mike Scioscia the manager of the Angels said he felt like he had a big pit in his stomach when the incident took place.

Shoemaker fell to the ground immediately after being hit by the line drive as trainers raced onto the field of play. He was on all fours for a number of minutes with blood dripping from the spot of impact on the side of his head.

Teammates quickly knelt around the pitcher’s mound while Seattle’s Seager watched anxiously while trainers attended to the Angels right-hander. Trainers said that at no time did Shoemaker lose consciousness.

After he left the field, Shoemaker was tended to by Angel’s trainers in the team clubhouse for just a short period prior to an ambulances taking him to a nearby hospital. Deolis Guerra came on in relief of Shoemaker following the incident.

Scioscia said that Shoemaker was conscious following the line drive and that his reactions to questions were what the trainers said they should be. He added that he thought the pitcher would be fine but would take time to recuperate.

Shoemaker is playing his third complete season with Los Angeles emerging in 2014 as a rookie. During his rookie season, Shoemaker was 16-4 with an ERA of 3.04. However, he has been struggling on and off this season but went into the game on Sunday against the Mariners with three straight wins.

Jett Bandy the Angels catcher said his view of the play was very good and when you can see how it hits someone square on the side of the head, it becomes scary.

At that point, said Bandy, all thoughts go to how the person’s health will be, as baseball becomes a secondary thought.

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