Aaron Sanchez in Debate Over Innings Limit for Pitchers

In the American League, one of the best ERA’s is held by Aaron Sanchez, at the same time, his team the Toronto Blue Jays hold one of the best overall records in baseball.

Sanchez is 11-2 with his ERA of 2.85 and is a big reason why the Blue Jays are in first place.

At this point, the talk going around baseball is if the Blue Jays should continue to start the pitcher.

The discussion on its surface does not make much sense. Of course, Toronto should look to protect a young pitcher who is fulfilling his potential from being picked in 2010 in the first round.

Toronto was not wrong when making its plan to move the pitcher to their bullpen during midseason. They are not wrong necessarily either in experimenting with a rotation of six pitchers designed to answer the question they have about Sanchez.

The problem most fans have is they want to have a say in decisions made by their clubs as they did when Stephen Strasburg was shut down during 2012 by the Washington Nationals or when Matt Harvey was not shut down by the New York Mets last year

Whether Strasburg benefited from being shut down and Harvey did not, there really is no way of knowing,

Sanchez however is a different case. Unlike both Strasburg and Harvey, he is not coming off the now famous Tommy John surgery.

However, Sanchez is similar. He is young, heading towards a big jump in innings pitched on a club with hopes of making the World Series and the team is deciding the number of innings he should pitch.

The big reason for the uproar over Sanchez is the team is in the middle of a race for a division title. Toronto took the top spot in the AL East on Wednesday and holds a half-game lead today.

All this has come because prior to this season, Sanchez never pitched over 133 innings in any season. This season he has already reached 145.1 innings.

If he were to pitch every fifth Toronto game until the end of the regular season, and continued averaging 6.6 innings per appearance, he would surpass 200 innings pitched during the regular season.

For now, Toronto has kept Sanchez in their rotation and the six-man rotation will be used through the end of the regular season. That will drop his number of starts left to 8 and he will be watched closely for fatigue with a skip in starts possible along the way.

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