MLB Deadline Is Today, Who Will Changes Teams?

The Major League Baseball trade deadline arrives on Monday at 4:00 and there are a number of trades still on the table needing finalizing.

There will be no MLB games on the schedule until 7:00 p.m. Monday meaning all day the focus will be on trades.

The extra 24-hours of time came due to July 31 being on a Sunday. Therefore, general managers have another day to make phone calls, perpetuate trades and text messages up to 4:00 p.m.

There already has been a number of deals completed leading up to Monday, which is an indication that more will transpire before the deadline.

Here are a few of the storylines being followed as of now.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have not traded for a player since June 30 when they acquired Bud Norris. Tampa Bay has not moved any of their starting pitchers who are highly coveted. Both teams should see movement today before the deadline, say sources.

The pitching needs of the Dodgers intensified on Sunday when Norris left his start after only 13 pitches due to an injured back.

Tampa is a potential partner in a trade with the Dodgers due to starters Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and Matt Moore.

Jonathan Lucroy the catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers rejected being traded to Cleveland and now the Brewers are resuming a dialogue Texas about a possible trade to the Rangers.

The Yankees had three good reasons for trading Aroldis Chapman as well as Andrew Miller last week. They had little if any chance of winning this season’s World Series, they need to replenish their farm system and the value on the market for elite relievers is high.

Now, veteran slugger Carlos Beltran is on the market. He too has a no trade clause. He has drawn interest from the Astros, Red Sox, Rangers and Indians.

Houston acquired the slugger 12 years ago at the time of the deadline and could use the switch hitter and his presence in the dugout after being swept over the weekend by Detroit.

The Dodgers are also talking with the Cincinnati Reds about outfielder Jay Bruce and with Oakland about Josh Reddick.

It is unlikely that the White Sox will move either Jose Quintana or Chris Sales, but one never knows at this point in the season.

The hour is drawing closer but GMs continue talking trades and a few more are bound to be finalized by late afternoon.

Stay tuned.

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