New York Yankees: May Be Sellers and Not Buyers

The New York Yankees are not used to selling players at this time of year. The Bronx Bombers usually are buying players to beef of their roster for a stretch run at the postseason.

However, this season, the Yankees sit in fourth place in the American League East 8 ½ games behind the first place Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees therefore might be looking to move some of their players to pick up young talent they can build their team around for the future.

They have said they would move closer Aroldis Chapman as well as Carlos Beltran their veteran right fielder, if their season is not turned around by the non-waiver deadline of August 1.

If the Yankees are able to turn the season around, which looks unlikely, they need to do it very quickly. The Yankees are 1-2 since returning from the All-Star break. At 45-46, the Yanks are nothing more than mediocrity at its best.

However, when they make the decision that this season is over, then they can control this year’s trade market for talent. A number of their pitchers in the starting rotation and bullpen along with position players are of great interest to rival team in the league.

This all is very new for the Yankees. Ownership in the Bronx has a hard time conceding. Since 1998 when Brian Cashman took the reigns as the general manager, the Yankees have not sold at this time of year.

The Yankees could have traded Robinson Cano during 2013 as well as David Robertson in 2014, prior to them leaving as free agents.

The long trading history of Cashman includes a number of major acquisitions during the 2000s that he took with little loss. David Justice, Bobby Abreu, Randy Johnson, Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson are on the list. Of recent, his pickups have been a mixed bag with the exception of Didi Gregorius the talented shortstop.

Selling would bring about a completely new challenge for the Yankees. Chapman could bring more to the Yankees that they gave up getting him.

Beltran had a trade clause that limits where he goes and his age of 39 limits the return the Yanks will get. However, if just those two were traded, New York could add greatly to its crop of young talent.

Andrew Miller a southpaw reliever has a contract through the end of the 2018 season for only $9 million a season. The Yankees GM does not want to trade him, but if Cashman did, they could build a relief corps during the offseason with trades.

Speculation is high now, but likely not for too much longer.

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