Julio Urias Wins First Game One Month After Debut

On Tuesday night, baseball’s No. 1 prospect debuted in the major leagues for the Washington Nationals. However, it was another young phenom pitcher playing in Milwaukee for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who finally won the first game of his month long career.

Southpaw Julio Urias debuted in the majors last month with the same sort of hype that on Tuesday Lucas Giolito was experiencing. Giolito pitched solidly for the Nationals during four innings of work but did not return following a rain delay. The youngster was leading 1-0 when the game was delayed and Washington went on to beat the New York Mets 5-0.

Back in Milwaukee, Urias allowed two earned runs during his six innings of work. The southpaw struck out six, but also walked the same number in a Dodgers win of 6-5.

The game for Urias was much more than what one might think reading the box score. He was able to pick off Jonathan Villar in the first inning at first base. However, umpires changed the call to safe following an official review on videotape.

Once play resumed, Villar was picked off again by Urias and the umpires did not have to go to the videotape to review the second one.

The Dodgers batting order gave Urias a great deal of run support. The youngster helped himself as well by knocking in a run on his first hit in the major leagues to center field during the fourth inning.

Urias has now made seven starts this season for the Dodgers in his young career. It was just the first time he pitched through the sixth inning prior to manager Dave Roberts making a call to the Dodgers bullpen.

Urias had a streak of 27 scoreless innings streak while in the minors this season that included an ERA of 1.10 during his 7 starts in the minors, before receiving the call to play in the big leagues.

The numbers Urias had during the start of this season in the minors, led to a great deal of expectations that Urias to date has not met, but now having won for the first time on Tuesday, a big step was taken that will be a huge building block for the youngster who everyone can see has exceptional talent.

Los Angeles is currently in second place in the National League West. The Dodgers trailed the first place San Francisco Giants by 6 games.

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