Losing Track of Outs Costs Odubel Herrera Embarrassment

Thursday night Odubel Herrera the center fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies learned a big lesson the hard way.

Not all games played during the 162-game regular season can be close. At times, teams are dominated by their opponent and when that takes place, players’ minds tend to wonder between pitches.

That means that at times players can lose track of how many outs there are in the inning. On Thursday, that player happened to be Herrera.

Philadelphia was routed on Thursday by the Toronto in every way, shape and form. The game was over in the early innings as the Blue Jays plated three runs during the first inning, one during the third and another four came across in the fourth.

During that span of four innings, the Phillies could not score and Toronto led 8-0. If that was not enough, Toronto scored during the seventh and had one run home during the eighth when Herrera suffered momentarily from a cramp in his brain.

Michael Saunders the left fielder for Toronto was batting against David Hernandez a reliever for the Phillies. Saunders hit a fly to right center that Herrera caught and casually tossed the ball into the stands and starting jogging toward the Phillies dugout.

Wrong move, Odubel, the out he made was just the second in the inning not the third.

Herrera continued to run for a second or two longer prior to noticing there was something wrong with the situation. His teammates remained on the field, but the Blue Jays Edwin Encarnacion was jogging casually to third.

Since the ball was tossed into the stands by Herrera, Encarnacion was on first and given two bases for the Herrera error.

Of course, the Blue Jays had the game wrapped by that time, but the lapse in Herrera’s mind was costly nonetheless. The next batter Russell Martin doubled and Encarnacion scored easily from third.

Kevin Pillar followed that with a two-run homer that gave Toronto 13 runs in the game on 17 hits and one mindless act by an outfielder.

The error on Herrera’s part will likely not go away any time soon. His fellow players are likely to rib him for a while especially since the game was not on the line and they can make life difficult for him going forward.

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