Offense Makes Fans Happy, But Boston Needs to Stop an Opponent

Fans of the Boston Red Sox who saw their club smash the cover off the ball in their most recent home stand will likely see the same offense this weekend when the Red Sox host the Blue Jays.

Xander Bogaerts extended his hitting streak to 26 games and Mookie Betts went on a home run binge during the week against Baltimore with five home runs in two games.

DH David Ortiz is hot at the plate and may have to reconsider his decision to retire at season’s end.

The problem is the pitching staff of the first place Red Sox is not complementing the batting order. Too often euphoria following a productive inning by the Red Sox lasts only until their opponent comes to bat in their half of the inning.

Boston was 3-4 in its just ended 7-game road trip that began in Toronto and ended in Baltimore. Boston’s four losses showed how they scored well, but the pitching staff could not stop their opposition.

Boston lost 7-5, 10-9, 12-7 and 13-9, which are all scores that should be enough to win a game, but resulted in a run of 0-4.

Teams love offense when it comes wave after wave, but at some point, the team’s pitching staff must stop its opposition.

John Farrell the Boston manager said that the pitching staff had to do a few things different. On Thursday night against Baltimore, Boston’s pitchers allowed 7 home runs by Orioles batters in a 12-7 loss. Farrell is worried that his team cannot put up such huge numbers on offense all the time and need pitchers to shut down an opponent when runs are hard to come by on offense.

Boston has seen an improvement in ace David Price the past four outings. His record is very good at 7-1, but his ERA is in the stratosphere at 5.11.

Steven Wright is pitching well but the knuckleballer has been up and down. Eduardo Rodriguez is a talent, but is young and coming off a knee injury.

Rick Porcello has an ERA of 4.00 with six strong starts in 11 outings, but gave up 3 of the 7 home runs hit by Baltimore on Thursday.

Boston will get three days of rest between June 3 and June 13, which will five Farrell and his coaching staff time to analyze the rotation. That will help them not need a fifth starter until June 18.

The big question is who that will be. Only time will give that answer.

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