Is Anything Left in Alex Rodriguez’s Tank?

Alex Rodriguez has returned from a season long suspension for breaking the rules of PED use and a long stint this season of 21 games injured.

His successful return last year following his season ban won the hearts of Yankees fans that have forgiven him and most thought he would have just walked away while on top of his game when the 2015 season ended.

However, with two years and $42 million left on his contract, who would consider walking away, not Rodriguez.

The Yankees began this season relying too much on Rodriguez and that has created issues, since he only is the DH and is hitting .180 over his last 75 games dating back to last season.

The last two nights, Rodriguez has watched the game from his team’s dugout and his manager Joe Girardi is weighing his options about starting him on Wednesday.

Does that mean Rodriguez’s tank is empty and he will not have a final act?

Girardi for one is unsure. The Yankees manager said if he did not play Rodriguez then fans will thinks he is done and he does not think that necessarily, as he believes he is still able to be productive for the team.

Girardi believes in A-Rod, but was not compelled to tell the veteran he would not start a second straight game on Tuesday night.

He says he does not feel any need to tell Rodriguez his decisions, but added that Rodriguez will play, as his time in the lineup is not over.

Girardi looked at the pitching matchup of J.A. Happ for Toronto in making his decision not to start Rodriguez. A-Rod is 0-14 against Happ. However, no other Yankees seem to be able to hit either. New York managed just one run off Toronto in its 4-1 loss Tuesday and has scored only five runs over the last three games.

Everyone knows Rodriguez is one of the best players to ever play baseball, but little evidence suggests now that he has something left.

He has a great work ethic and baseball IQ, but his age, at 40, is undefeated when it comes to taking productivity away.

New York has seemed to play better when A-Rod is not in the lineup. However, that could be just a coincidence as they are 9-15 with him in the lineup and 15-12 without him.

Not helping his cause to return to the DH spot is the 9 strikeouts in 16 at bats since returning from the DL with just one hit.

His bat has not done any talking this season or even most of the second half of last season. It appears that his tank is running on fumes.

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