Clayton Kershaw Strikeout to Walk Ratio is Insane

There have been numerous articles written about the dominance of Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. His pitching success has been phenomenal to start the season.

The southpaw ace is 7-1 this season. His Dodgers are 10-1 in his 11 starts. On Sunday, he did not get the decision, but left in the eighth inning with a 2-1 lead. He had 10 strikeouts and no walks in the game.

Entering his Sunday start, Kershaw led the National League in innings pitched, complete games, ERA, shutouts, WHIP, FIP, ERA, BB/9 and the biggest and most insane of all K/BB or strikeout to walk ratio.

When Dave Roberts took Kershaw out during the eighth inning, which was the first time he was pulled during an inning this season, he had 105 strikeouts on the season with just five walks given up.

Putting that into context, Kershaw strikes out 21 batters for every 1 batter he walks. It might be difficult to figure out just outrageous that ratio is.

No other Major League Baseball pitcher has ever done that. When Kershaw struck out his 100th batter for the season during Sunday’s game, he had walked just 5 batters, which topped Cliff Lee’s previous mark of 100 strikeouts and just 7 walks. However, Lee did not reach the 100-strikeout mark until July 22.

Kershaw is on track to make 33 starts, which he has done four of the past five seasons. He is on pace to have 315 strikeouts and just 15 walks over 260 innings.

The best K to BB ratio for a season by any pitcher who was qualified for a title in ERA was Phil Hughes during 2014, who was at 11.63. Kershaw is close to doubling that at the moment.

Only two starters have ever finished above a 10 to 1 ratio Bret Saberhagen during 1994 at 11 and Lee in 2010 at 10.28 to 1. Did I say Kershaw is at a cool 21 to 1 currently?

Kershaw has walked 5 batters in 86.2 innings. Sixty-one times a pitcher has walked five batters or more in a single game this season, with three pitchers having done it on three different occasions.

Comparing the 21 to 1 ratio to other players could help to put it into context.

Barry Bonds hit 762 home runs compared to just 36 by Joe Girardi, which is 21 to 1.

Cy Young won a phenomenal 511 games, while Jordan Lyles has won just 24. That too is a 21 to 1 ratio.

Now can you see just how insane Kershaw’s numbers are becoming?

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