Injuries Ruining MLB Career of Mets David Wright

Good news related to injuries for New York Mets infielder David Wright has been few and far between for a long time. He suffered a herniated disc and spinal stenosis in 2015 and 2016. Of recent, he needed to have surgery on his lower back and to repair the rotator cuff in his shoulder.

On Tuesday, the news was not too good either. He was given a medical exam on Monday by Dr. Robert Watkins who is a back specialist in Los Angeles. The issues in his lower back and shoulder persist, said the Mets, and he will not take part in baseball activity for eight more weeks.

Last season, Wright did not play an inning at the major league level and has not done so since late May of 2016. The Tuesday news means the earliest he may return would be more than two calendar years after he last played.

In 2016, Wright played in just 37 games and in 2015 just 38. Going back to 2014, Wright played hurt but managed to appear in 134 Mets games, while playing just 112 games during 2013.

In 2012, Wright was 29, and he played what is considered a full season, but his previous season in 2011 he played just 102 games.

Injuries are part of the game, but Wright’s run of terrible luck has now stretched over parts of 6 seasons. At 35, he has had several surgeries and his body has been ravaged by the sport.

He is vastly popular amongst fans of the Mets, excluding a few who blame the player for his own injuries.

If injuries had not taken their toll on Wright, he may have been Hall of Fame material. Wright was an All-Star on five occasions and won two Silver Sluggers and two gold gloves by the time he was 27. He was batting .305 for his career at that time and was considered MVP material.

At the age of 27, players have much to prove to reach Hall of Fame conversations, but Wright appeared to be headed in that direction before injuries knocked him off course.

Whether he would have reached the level of a possible Hall of Fame candidate is a moot point. What Wright and Mets executives are concerned with is getting him healthy and back on the field to see how much he can give the team the next couple of seasons.

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