CSE Talent Fires Baseball Agent for Allegedly Filming Players

A baseball agent who had some high-profile Major League Baseball clients was fired following allegations that he filmed players while they showered.

In a prepared statement released by CSE Talent, the company said that it fired St. Louis based Jason Wood who had been the head of its division that covered baseball since April of 2017.

An online sports site reported that one of the players who CSE Talent represents, but who was not identified, found the video camera while showering at the home of Wood.

Following a confrontation, Wood was fired by the player, says the sports site, which added that there was an ongoing investigation into possible other allegations related to players being recorded at the Wood residence.

It was reported by the New York Post that Wood represented players such as Andrew Benintendi a star with the Boston Red Sox, former New York Yankees David Phelps as well as Tampa Bay’s Jake Odorizzi.

Wood in a prepared statement that was posted by the sports site on Twitter said that the accusations that surfaced this week were both untrue and absurd.

It continued by saying that over the last 13 years he has worked to build his agency into a success through hard work and integrity. He added that he was disappointed there exists those who chose to spread harmful and irresponsible rumors.

The Major League Baseball Players Association also suspended Wood on Wednesday, after it was notified of the accusation earlier the same day Wood’s former employer. The players union, which is the group that certifies agents, announced it would be giving Wood an opportunity to make a response to the accusations.

For more than 32 years, we at CSE Talent prided ourselves on ethical and moral standards and built a strong reputation across the industry, said Danny Martoe the president of CSE in a prepared statement. He added that the company takes pride in working with individuals who represent the values he mentioned.

Martoe’s statement concluded by saying that unfortunately CSE Talent had aligned itself with an individual who did not uphold its standards, and it was therefore necessary for the company to end with cause Mr. Wood’s employment.

Major League Baseball’s commissioner’s office did not make a comment with regard to this situation, as it is an issue that involves the player’s union directly and not the commissioner’s office.

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