Charlie Sheen Offers to Throw Out First World Series Pitch

Wild Thing is in the bullpen for the Cleveland Indians.

Actor Charlie Sheen played Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn the bespectacled pitcher in the popular movie Major League and offered to throw the first ceremonial pitch at one of the 2016 World Series games since the Indians, the fictitious team he pitched for in the movie, and the real Cleveland Indians, will be playing in the Fall Classic.

Only hours after the Indians won this season’s American League Pennant Wednesday night at Toronto, fans started posting on social media their desire to have Sheen be part of the World Series pregame at one of the possible four home games the Indians will host during the 2016 World Series that will open on Tuesday at Cleveland.

Sheen on Thursday via Twitter responded to all the fans of Vaughn by posting a photo of Vaughn in uniform and wrote that Major League is still the gift that keeps giving. He added that if he is called upon, he would be honored.

Major League was released back in 1989 and is a fictional account of Cleveland finishing first with a group of unconventional players that included Sheen’s character Vaughn, who would warm up to the song Wild Thing and often had trouble locating the strike zone while pitching. Wild Thing was a hit song by The Troggs in 1966.

The present-day Major League Baseball Cleveland Indians overcame multiple injuries this season to win the American League Central prior to defeating Boston in the ALDS and Toronto in the ALCS to win the AL Pennant.

The team mimicked the Major League movie earlier this season. Jason Kipnis the Indians second baseman and Mike Napoli a DH and first baseman built a shrine in an empty stall in the clubhouse between each of their lockers just like one that was in the movie.

In the 1989 movie, Pedro Cerrano a character on the team practices voodoo as well as praying to his idol Jobu to help his curveball. Just as Cerrano did, Kipnis and Napoli have their own Jobu and have lift it gifts, that included cigars and bottles of alcohol, to keep them from having hitting slumps.

Now the two players as well as the rest of their teammates, coaches and all of Cleveland hope Jobu will help them win the World Series against either the Chicago Cubs or Los Angeles Dodgers.

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